I can’t believe it’s already 2017 











Guys I’m crying omg I was drunk please stop reblogging this

They want it to stop…..we reblog it to the extreme

No no no lol please don’t

Forever reblog until 2017

O my god no

i cant stop laughing 

until 2017

only 3 more years.

we can reblog while we wait for Sherlock series 4.









Where is my blanket of shame 
I need to cover myself with something
I’m sorry

Oh my god this is beautiful! I love the way {whoever} drew them! It’s so cute!!!

Thank you! (⌒ヮ ⌒✿)

"I’m not your…ah…pie. D-Dean…" Castiel tried to gently pry off Dean but Dean was deep asleep, dreaming of the best pies. He just couldn’t get enough as he continued to kiss Castiel’s neck and nibble against his skin.

"Mmm…pie." Dean smiled goofily in his sleep. 

Castiel didn’t try very hard to fight off Dean, admittedly enjoying the soft kisses, licks, and small bites. After a while, Dean stopped mumbling pie against his neck. Dean had a tight embrace around Castiel, face tucked into his neck.

Castiel slowly turned to look at Dean, who look so peaceful now. Castiel laid still, thinking that he should probably move off of Dean’s bed since Dean probably would be mad in the morning.

When he tried to slowly peel himself out of Dean’s embrace, Dean’s arm tightened and he was brought even closer than he was before. He was looking at Dean’s sleeping face, seeing the worries of the world washed away for the moment. He looked younger. Castiel gently traced Dean’s freckles and his long eyelashes before he heard Dean sigh quietly. 


Castiel went rigid, thinking that he got caught, but Dean just squeezed him gently, burying his head a little more against him with a small smile. Castiel relaxed again, smiling himself. Maybe sleep wasn’t so bad, even though he didn’t need it. It was nice to see Dean dream. 

Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean and pressed his face into his hair before closing his eyes, listening to Dean’s heartbeat and steady breathing. He’ll explain to him in the morning. He’ll understand. 

Sweet lord my feels

Castiel had fallen asleep in Deans arms. They were warm and gentle so it was easy. The night passed without any disturbances. Sadly Cas didn’t know that Dean had set an alarm so he thought he would wake up before Dean and sneak out.

"What the…?" Dean yelled as he pushed away from Castiel. Dean pulled the covers down with him as he fell off his bed. "Cas what were you doing in my bed?"

Cas quickly sat up and looked at Dean. “I can explain.” He held his hands up in defense. “I always wondered what it was like to sleep. And since I am an angel I have never required sleep before…and well…I thought maybe I could try it so I…I um…laid down next to you. Then you started mumbling about pies and soon your arms were wrapped around me. Then right before I fell asleep you whispered my name. And I may or may not have wrapped my arms around you after that!”

Dean starred at him. “You…You wanted to try and sleep, and you chose to sleep in my bed?”

"Um…Yeah." He slightly laughed as he rubbed his neck. "Are you…Are you mad?"

"Of course not!" Dean laughed. He stood up and sat down next to Cas. Dean lightly kissed Cas’ cheek and laid back down. He opened his arms and let Cas lay in them. They cuddled together in their own warmth. "So I really dreamt about pie?"

"Yeah, ya did!" Cas laughed. He liked being in Deans arms. "Thank you for understanding Dean."

Dean smiled and buried his face in Cas’ hair.

Cute. So cute. Too cute. My heart hurts. Oh god. The cuteness.

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